Just like in 1996, we were the first in the region to offer internet solutions, in 2015, we are once again the first to introduce smart gadgets and appliances for smart homes, smart offices and smart cities.

With the launch of IoT Online Store at www.iotonlinestore.com, Cyber Gear has diversified in to the domain of 'Internet of Things'. The IoT is predicted to be as (if not more) transformational than the internet itself on the way we live.



Cyber Gear is owned by professionals, who share a vision of, and a passion for, the unique potential of the internet. We provide our clients exceptional quality internet solutions to empower people and organisations to gain competitive advantage by creating powerful interactive relationships.


Succeed only when clients benefit from our work.
Deliver excellence with standards of integrity.
Honour the dignity of individuals as a team.
Celebrate diversity of people, ideas and cultures.
Seek to grow through knowledge gathering.
Embrace change and encourage innovation.

Social responsibility

We have launched an online 'Go Green' initiative at www.go-green.ae. Cyber Gear is working towards becoming a 'Green' company, and converting quite a few customers along the way!

Best practices

Cyber Gear follows best practices for implementing web projects according to international W3 guidelines. Click here to request for a free copy.

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